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Meg Gerber - Functional Medicine Dietitian - Certified yoga teacher

Meg Gerber - Functional Medicine Dietitian - Certified yoga teacher

Episode 156: Meg Gerber - Functional Medicine Dietitian - Certified yoga teacher

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In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg chats with Meg Gerber. A Functional Medicine Dietician who has experienced her own journey with gut issues and autoimmunity. And now helps others with their journeys.

Meg is a registered & licensed dietician. A certified Integrative and Functional medicine practitioner. A certified Gastrointestinal nutritionist and a certified Yoga and pranayama (breath work) instructor.

She recently launched her new book, “How to glow gluten free - Going beyond the (GF) food to embrace a journey of abundance in a diagnosis of restriction.”

Meg is a brilliant contributor to the Nutrition channel on AnyQuestion, is a wealth of knowledge, and is willing to share it to help others.

I help overwhelmed but motivated people suffering from stress + gut issues feel supported + knowledgeable!


1:52 - Interview with Meg Gerber begins

8:28 - Greg and Meg discuss how her journey to glow gluten free started and why it was important for her to get this message out into the world.

15:35 - Meg understands and is able to explain how the stress in our lives affects the way food affects the way our digestive system works and functions.

22:34 - Guiding your breathe can be a very simple and powerful way to bring consciouness to what we eat and how we feel. Because what we eat directly affects everything from our modd to what state our body is in. It's a bi-directional highwway between the gut and the brain.

What you think has a direct affect on your physiology

27:46 - Society talks alot about vitamins when it comes to health and nutrition, however we talk very little about the minerals our bodies require. Our bodies can create vitamins, but not create minerals. Minerals come from the foods we ingest, so be conscious of the foods you put into your body.

I support clients with an approach to nourishment that combines individualization and root cause analysis. Moving beyond diets, functional testing and supplements, I empower my clients with ongoing tools for stress management as an integral pillar to sustainable gut health and longevity.

30:50 - Greg and Meg discuss her new book, and more specifically, 'what gluten is' and how it's changed over the past decades because of the growing and processing process. You'll be surprised how many day to day foods we eat that contain gluten!

36:33 - So the big question is, should we all be avoiding gluten? Meg explains the science and her view on this topic.

40:16 - Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. It is used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses that compete with crops. It is so heavily in our food supply, it's not about avoiding it, you cant. It's about how you can reduce your exposure and detox from it and protect your gut. Meg describes the seriousness and the science, and what we can do in our day-to-day lives.

I specialize in working with individuals who struggle with chronic digestive issues.

50:09 - We need to understand where our food is coming from, but more importantly how to create meals that energize and fuels our bodies in healthy nutritious ways. Meg has some sensational recipes in her new cook book and describes her favourite Festive time family party recipes. Buy Meg's book ... stat!

52:44 - Meg's favourite three vegetables. Beets / Broccoli Sprouts / Fresh herbs.

Through my own journey of digestive struggles and autoimmunity, I learned the power of being in your body and listening to its needs.

55:17 - Can we overdo on healthy foods and vegetables?

58:59 - If you want to know more from Meg, get onto the anyquestion app where she shares her wisdom in all sorts of topics, from Keto dieting, starting the day with coffee, salt, milk and dairy products ... and much much more.

59:46 - If you want your FREE PDF of Meg's new cookbook, simply follow Meg's Instagram and DM Meg at this Instagram link and tell her you heard her interview on The Greg Bennett Show.

1:01:11 - Interview concludes


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