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Nino Schurter - XC Mountain Bike Olympic Champion, 8 x World Champion, 7 x World Cup Series Champion

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Nino Schurter - XC Mountain Bike Olympic Champion, 8 x World Champion, 7 x World Cup Series Champion

Episode Name: Nino Schurter - XC Mountain Bike Olympic Champion, 8 x World Champion, 7 x World Cup Series Champion

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett interviews Mr. Nino Schurter. Nino is arguably the greatest mountain biker of all time. He’s raised the bar on what it takes to win. A brief glimpse of his resume is extraordinary: Three Olympic medals with Gold in Rio, Silver in London, and Bronze in Beijing. He’s an 8 x World Champion. A 7 x World Cup Series Champion. He’s won 32 World Cups, plus Junior World Championships, 2 x U23 World Championships, 5 x Team relay World Champion and an unheard-of an undefeated perfect season in 2017.

Together Greg and Nino discuss how Nino got started in the sport and how important the team around him has been for the past 17 years. Nino describes his relationships with Thomas Frischnecht his manager and Nicolas Siegenthaler his coach as “incredibly lucky” to find them when he was starting out. The importance of the team Nino has surrounded himself is evident in this episode. Both Greg and Nino discuss Sleep, Nutrition, Training, Altitude training, and mental strategies. Nino describes the disappointment of the London Olympics and how he learned and grew from that experience.

Nino gives some great advice on equipment choices, training locations, and races to consider. Incredibly, Nino has worked with one bike company his entire career, Scott bikes.


Intro – Greg Introduces Nino

2:25 – Nino and Greg discuss Corona Virus lockdown

4:23 –Nino to describe his upbringing

6:35 – Greg asks Nino when you felt like you were pretty good at sport, when did you make the decision to go all-in

9:30 – Nino describes how he’s always ridden Scott bikes and how Thomas Frischnecht took him under his wing. Nino discusses the importance of having Thomas as his mentor. Nino says the right people from a young age have truly influenced his career.

13:00 – Greg suggests watching Nino’s “Hunt for Glory” Chapter 9 part 1-2 for his gym workouts

14:12 – Nino discusses his goals and being driven from an early age. He doesn’t like to lose. Nino talks about his coach Nicolas Siegenthal and how focused on Mountain biking he was.

18:40 – London Olympics - Nino describes the great lessons learned.

20:30 – Nino discusses Peter Sagan and how difficult to come from road to MTB. Nino new Sagan would have a mechanical problem due to lack of experience on the MTB. He chose the wrong tires or didn’t ride the right lines.

24:30 – Olympics into 2017 won every event. Nino describes his year.

29:40 – Nino describes his great rivals - Julien Absalon, Jaroslav Kulhavy, Mathieu Van de Poel

33:30 – Nino describes his relationship with team Scott

37:30 – Inventing the 27.5-inch bike for London – why not the 29er? Nino explains… why the 29ers today are the best choice but not in London, 2012

40:13 – Greg suggests watching Scott TV commercial (see link below)

40:50 – Nino on family

43:55 – Nino – “Take care of the people that help you”

45:30 – Nino on sleep

48:30 – Nino on nutrition – organic and from the right region – macronutrients

53:50 – Nino physical training – testing V02, weight, threshold, power meters, Day to day training hasn’t changed much, Gym – core and upper body

1:04:20 – Nino and Greg on Altitude – a year before Rio altitude benefits, Pre-Rio (no benefits)

1:10:10 – Nino and Greg on the bodywork – every day with the team, back home once a week massage plus compression boots, stretching

1:12:30 – General Health – supplements – checks twice a year – Vitamin D,

1:13:45 – Nino and Greg discuss Mental Strategies – Visualizing, Staying Calm, preparing everything you can and then hope for some good luck.

1:19:54 – Gear recommendations – Scott Spark 29er, SRAM, RockShox, wide tires Aspen Maxis 2.4 inches with low pressure. Nutrition Swiss brand – “Sponsor sports food”

1:24:05 – Events and Training locations – Nino suggests Switzerland for riding and South Africa – Cape epic, BC race, Swiss epic,

1:27:25 – MTBing is safer than the road

1:27:55 Nino gets called away from dinner by his daughter Lisa

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Watch “Hunt For Glory”, available on Youtube - Hunt For Glory

Watch Nino and his daughter Lisa’s commercial - HEROES INSPIRE HEROES: Daddy Daughter Day

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