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Rich Roll - Bestselling Author 'Finding Ultra', The Rich Roll Podcast, Ultra-endurance athlete

Rich Roll - Bestselling Author 'Finding Ultra', The Rich Roll Podcast, Ultra-endurance athlete

Episode 20 - Rich Roll - Bestselling Author 'Finding Ultra', The Rich Roll Podcast, Ultra-endurance athlete

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Show notes

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with Bestselling author, ultra-endurance athlete, and the host of the Rich Roll podcast, Mr. Rich Roll.

Together Greg and Rich discuss how Rich became involved in the world of ultra-endurance sports and his vegan lifestyle. Rich describes his journey from his youth until the present day,

Rich was bullied as a kid, but worked harder than anyone around him at swimming and school, excelling at both. He got into Stanford, made the swim team, graduated, even made it through Cornell Law School despite booze and drugs becoming his main focus.

At his worst, Rich was drinking the moment he woke and throughout the working day as a lawyer.

As a result, he found himself alone and in danger of losing his job.

At 31, he decided enough was enough. Entered rehab. Got sober. Worked 80-hour weeks at his law firm. Made good money. Met his wife and started a family. Bought a sports car. All while staying clean. To the outside world, he was a “success.”, but deep down he was unhappy and wasn't being true to himself.

He was eating fast food, not working out, felt like an ass, 50-pounds overweight, and unfulfilled. At 39, after walking up a flight of stairs and feeling like he was gonna have a heart attack, Roll reached another pivotal point in his life. He decided to look for a way of living and eating that would support the best version of himself.

After a 7-day liquid juice and vegetable fast And loved it. Felt amazing. High energy, strong, crazy endurance.

Rich Roll went on to lose those 50+ pounds, got in shape, and went about finishing some unfinished business in his athletic endeavors. Rich Began training for, competing in, and placing high up in some of the world’s most grueling endurance races. As a vegan.

In 2012 Roll published his inspiring memoir Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself. It was a bestseller.

Next came the Rich Roll Podcast. A top-10er on iTunes. With an average of 300k downloads each episode.

Then, in 2014, he and his wife (Julie Piatt) released The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for the Whole Family. Also a bestseller.

Rich Roll leverages his incredible life story to impact millions of people online and off.

Through book sales, him and his wife’s The Plantpower Meal Planner app, speaking gigs, workshops, retreats, podcast sponsors, affiliate marketing, and more, he’s turned his plant-based passion into an impressive multi-million dollar business.



7.50 – Rich wasn’t a risk-taker he had to learn often the hard way to take risks.

8.15 – The struggles of transitioning – Finding your passions aligning these with your strength

12.20 – Covid19 - Self Quarantining – the positives – Family, Activity, and learning to be present

15.03 – Making the most of the opportunity of being still

19.10 – Rich’s story - The beginning – Insecure kid - double-downed on swimming – not talented but worked harder chose the 200m Butterfly

22.10 – Rich’s story – Moved to Stanford 4000 miles away and found Alcohol – Alcoholism – Law school – marriage went sideways – 2 x DUI’s

24.30 – Rich’s story – Rehab (100 days, 12 steps) – Desperate and broken - The beginning

26.00 - Rich’s story – Double downed on work

27.00 - Rich’s story – Unhappy and depressed with career path – overweight – unhealthy

27.40 - Rich’s story – the moment of clarity – the catalyst

30.10 – Alcoholism – the why? – Rich manage

32.10 – Workaholic – Why do we do what we do?

36.20 – Transitioning to health – it started with diet – rehab for life – A 7-day juice cleanse was a difficult thing, so Rich chose it.

38.40 – Why Rich got into endurance sport

40.30 – Why endurance training is so valuable in helping you become connected to yourself

43.00 – Overcoming struggles and suffering is where happiness is

45.30 – Embracing the struggle

47.15 – Playing – following curiosity – Keep growing – Books and podcast

51.30 – How and Why both Greg and Rich started their podcast

55.30 – Ultra-endurance races – the logistical nightmare of the 5 from 5 Ironman – Jason Lester

1.02.30 – “Remember when” moments – Chris McCormack

1.03.15 – The Rich Roll - Podcast 515 episodes, 7 years, never missed a week, 6 episodes a month, about 3million downloads a month – per episode = 250k-450k to over a million

1.05.30 – Greg describes his progress into the podcast world

1.08.10 – Rich Roll's strengths – work ethic, listening, being present, let go of agenda, empathy

1.11.45 – Rich explains his purpose and meaning and that he’s in the place now for where he wants to be – being of service to others – create a lifestyle to keep enjoying the things I enjoy doing

1.15.45 – Support team - Rich’s relationship with his wife Julie – Julie believes in Rich and see’s the best version of him – Greg Anzalone (Business partner)

1.22.00 – Becoming selfless - Rich explains his change for selfish to selfishness

1.25.25 – Doubters and critics – Rich explains how he is fueled by positivity

1.27.55 – Sleeping in a tent – The importance of sleep – The gravity blanket

1.34.30 – Nutrition – Vegan – non-judgmental - Films “What the health” and “Cowspiracy” – 1.39.00 – Mark Allen and Dave Scott 6 times Ironman World Champions

1.42.00 – Supplements with B12 and there are vegan Omega – it’s not for me to give advice I just share experience

1.46.15 – Rich explains that diet wars are toxic

1.48.25 – Recommendations for building immunity especially during this time -reducing stress, exercising, connect outdoors.


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