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Richard Murray - Multiple Olympic Triathlete, Duathlon World Champion

Richard Murray - Multiple Olympic Triathlete, Duathlon World Champion

Episode 39: Richard Murray - Multiple Olympic Triathlete, Duathlon World Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with, Richard Murray. Richard Murray is one of the great personalities of the sport of Triathlon. He’s one of the most consistent men on the ITU World Series, rarely out of the top 5 for almost a decade. He’s had his big wins including the ITU World Series events in Edmonton, Hamburg, and Leeds, and the ITU Duathlon World Championships. He placed 4th at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. He’s won big money races including the Island House Invitational Triathlon and Super League Triathlon. He’s never afraid to play it up for the cameras and give us a great show.

In this episode, Richard describes the joy of getting back into racing, his unconventional journey into the sport of Triathlon. His commitment to improving his swim and his goal to remain consistent. He discusses his YouTube channel and his 5km and 3km run videos that over 100k views.

Richard shares his up and down the year of 2016 where he broke his collarbone early in the year, got disqualified at the Hamburg World Series race, and then placed 4th at the Rio Olympics behind his countryman Henri Schoeman.

Richard's time with Coach Joel Filliol (Episode 22 of the Be with Champions podcast) gave him the consistency he needed. He decided to leave Joel and create his own team along with his wife Rachel Klamer (a professional Olympic Triathlete for Holland). Their team comprises of Dutch coaches Louis Delahaije & Jordi Meulenberg.

Richard discusses his training and how he focusses on low heart-rate run workouts combined with speed.

The Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be hot, and for Richard, he believes his background in Sth Africa will be suited to the extreme conditions.

Ironman and longer distance racing do not interest Richard. He hopes to stay in the short course style of racing and in the future become a coach.

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.10 - Sponsors

3.45 - Start to show – Introduction

4.25 - General chit-chat

5.20 - Getting back to racing - Hamburg World Championships - "It's difficult to prepare yourself for something that might, or might not happen" - "The race took place, but it was kind of like, all business but no fun" - Richard talks about how the social distancing is effecting the feeling of the racing

9.55 - Richard describes how he's kept his motivation alive during lockdown - "If you're an athlete that needs goals you're in trouble this year" - Richard set his own goals outside of racing - Long Rides, Mountain Biking

12.30 - Richard describes the 5km run and the 3km run Time Trials - Backlash from the haters

17.30 - Richard's YouTube - Richards 5km run has 140k views - "It's a way to give back"

20.55 - Coming through the era with the Brownlee brothers (Two of the greatest Triathletes in history - "I've been chasing the Brownlee brothers my whole career"

24.30 - When did Richard find endurance sports? - Road & Mountain Biking and Cross Country running - "I started Triathlon but was last out of the water by over a minute" - "After two world titles as a junior duathlete, I thought what next?" - "The coach said, if you can learn to swim you could make money in Triathlon" - Richard was 20 when he decided to race Triathlon - Richard came from the moto-cross and the downhill Mountain biking

30.10 - Xterra World Championships in 2013 - Richard's preparation was not great

31.10 - Overtime Richard realized he had some ability - "I was a very rebellious teenager, I was trying to think how can I be cool and do endurance sports at the same time?"

34.00 - When did Richard decide to go all-in - Jnr. Vancouver World Championships 2008 - Richards poor performance at this world championships was a turning point

37.30 - Thinking about Olympics in 2012 - Richard needed to get some podiums on the World Championship series events at the start of 2012, his first season of WTS racing - Richard got a 2nd at Sydney a 3rd at San Diego, and a win at WTS Hamburg -

39.55 - What was the experience like winning Hamburg? "A sprint finish with Javier Gomez, and my parents were there" - "I missed the briefing because I missed my flight and had the worst place to start"

45.05 - The 2012 Olympic experience - The Germans told Richard to leave Saarbruken because the German team were training there - Richard joined the Australians training in Vitoria Spain

48.00 - Richard starting with Joel Filliol in 2013 - Richard found consistency and stayed with Joel for 5-6 years

50.05 - Richard has been incredibly consistent and always in the mix - His results can be dependent on whether the Brownlees raced

53.40 - 2016 Olympics - Richard Murray broke his collar-bone 4 months before the Rio Olympics - Richard had 2 months of swimming - Richard was happy with 4th - "I did the best I possibly could"

56.50 - 2016 Hamburg WTS - Richard gets disqualified - Mario Mola his training partner told Richard told him he had a penalty - Richard's first thought "not again" - Richards helmet was on the wrong side "Focus on setting up transition" - "I started yelling at the official "what for" and he wouldn't look at me", "I banged on the signage boards and the official's booth at the finish and gave the FU sign to the race... probably not the best call" - "After the race, I didn't know I'd been disqualified... they said I might be, but I didn't know until I came out of the booth, then I saw them getting on the podium" - "It was like I lost 40 grand for that" - "Then I had drug testing as well" - "I feel like they're making new rules as they go"

1.06.38 - Greg and Richard share when they've false started - Greg in Beijing and Richard n the Super League - Richard shares his race dreams (nightmares)

1.12.15 - Leaving Joel - New team - Dutch Coaches - Louis Delahaije & Jordi Meulenberg - "We left Joel because we wanted to try something new" - "We wanted coaches that were always hands-on" - "We didn't want to live out of the suitcase as much" "We wanted to get a more homely feel to our training"

1.17.30 - Sharing Christmas's between Holland and South Africa

1.18.30 - Typical training - 20 to 28hrs a week - Swim 20-25km a week, Bike 250 to 350km a week, Running 60 to 100km a week - A lot of milage running speed on Tuesday and Thursdays - Types of aerobic pace - over 5mins a km for aerobic - 120 to 130 Heart rate

1.29.00 - What is it going to take to win a Gold medal in Tokyo? "Racing in the heat, front pack and run a 30.20 - 30.30 in the heat", "Coming from Sth. Africa Hot race, Cold Race, I don't really mind" -

1.32.00 - Long term, Ironman is not on the horizon - Richard prefers short course racing and hoped the Super League series will keep growing

1.38.45 - Conclusion


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