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Rob Verhelst 'Fireman Rob' - Impact Speaker & Performance Coach, Fireman, Veteran

Rob Verhelst 'Fireman Rob' - Impact Speaker & Performance Coach, Fireman, Veteran, World Records, Philanthropist.

Episode 121 - Career firefighter, who did search and recovery at the World Trade Center after the September 11 Attacks.

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Robert Verhelst is a career firefighter, an Air Force veteran, who did search and recovery at the World Trade Center after the September 11 Attacks.

For the novice athlete, it’s hard to imagine what it feels like to participate in the grueling athletic competition known as the Ironman Triathlon: the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike race, and 26.2-mile run all in one stretch. Now imagine doing the last leg weighed down by 50 pounds of firefighter gear!

Fireman Rob has completed dozens of Ironman's in full firefighter gear (weighing 50 lbs./ 23kg) for the 26.2-mile run. In 2015, he broke the Guinness World Record for the most 70.3 triathlons in one year… 23.

Rob is a Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker. He’s the Founder of Fireman Rob Foundation and a Certified Ironman University Coach.

Author of the book - Forged in the Fires - The Seven Catalysts to Ignite your Possible, Accelerate Your Potential & Extricate Your Best - and Podcast host also under the same name - Forged in the Fires

"Life doesn't get easier, you get stronger."

See the timestamps below for more detail about this discussion.


0:00 - Fireman Rob promo - audio clip

2:03 - Introduction to show.

4:31 - Interview starts.

15:53 - The Rob Verhelst story is compelling and Rob has a unique and descriptive style of telling it. No one should have to experience what Rob has seen and experienced in his early life.

17:57 - Ironman Wisconsin changed the trajectory of Rob's life ... primarily because he decided to wear his full Fireman's kit for the run portion of the event. It takes him 6-8 hours just to complete the run!

26:47 - Rob explains how Fireman Rob developed into something that not only impacted his own life, but touch the lives of many other people. Having a 'bigger' purpose can drive a person to do unbelievable feats.

28:35 - Dealing with trauma and PTSD has been challenging for Rob.

35:42 - An author, a podcast host, triathlete, a Guiness world record, his own foundation ... plus Rob continues as a fulltime fireman. How does he fit it all into a day?

43:38 - Rob and Greg discuss in detail the 7 Catalysts from his book Forged in the Fires - The Seven Catalysts to Ignite your Possible, Accelerate Your Potential & Extricate Your Best: Passion, Ownership, Decisions, Emotional Control, Resilience, Faith over Fear and Mental Strength.

50:54 - Rob describes some of the 'impact moments' in his life journey so far. This is such a powerful conversation. Rob's description will resonate no matter where you are in your life right now.

55:35 - Change takes time. Be patient. Rob explains how his therapist helped him to be vulnerable and take ownership of his life and his life circumstances.

1:01:54 - Fireman Rob's next big project is an inspiring and worthy one. Rob explains ...

1:05:23 - Interview ends.


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