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Ryan Bolton - Olympian - Ironman and Marathon Champion Coach

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Ryan Bolton - Olympian - Ironman and Marathon Champion Coach

Episode 55: Ryan Bolton - Olympian - Ironman and Marathon Champion Coach

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg has a delightful conversation with Ryan Bolton.

Ryan Bolton is a former professional Triathlete and Olympian and now one of the world’s greatest endurance coaches.

With a successful college running career, he made the move to Triathlon and represented the USA at the 2000 Sydney, Olympic Games, and post-Olympics had great success in the world of Ironman.

Combined with his studies in exercise physiology, and master’s in human nutrition, with an emphasis on stress metabolism, He has the perfect background for top-level coaching.

He’s coaching some of the world's greatest endurance athletes including Ironman Ben Hoffman who I had on the show a couple of months back, Boston Marathon champion Caroline Rotich, and young up-and-coming Triathlon star Sam Long.

He’s the founder and head coach at Bolton Endurance and the director of the Harambee (pronounced huh-RAHM-bay) project – which is a group of elite distance runners in Sante Fe, New Mexico. And is also working with USA Triathlon as a technical advisor.

One of the great talents of the world of Triathlon.

In this episode, Ryan discusses his journey into the world of Triathlon, some of his regrets as an athlete, and his transition from athlete to coaching. He shares how he works with each of his incredible athletes, getting them ready for their respective goals. He describes the incredible joy he receives when his athletes achieve and how that joy is far superior to his own moments of success... including the Olympic Games experience.

Ryan is fully invested with each of his athletes and is doing everything he possibly can to make them the greatest.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.25 - Sponsors

4.55 - Start to show – Introduction

5.58 - General chit-chat - Living in Sydney with Michellie Jones, Siri Lindley, and Laura Bennett - Australian Spiders - '98-'99 the Australian Grand Prix

12.47 - Training with athletes - where is Ryan's fitness now?

16.25 - Winding the clock back - Wyoming - Competitive swimmer and runner - Ran at college - late 80's Triathlon started - '92 living in Boulder - Ryan won the '92 national championships and went to world championships - '93 Ryan came 2nd at Junior World Championships - Ryan then took a break until he finished his college career - graduated in '95 & '96 and Triathlon got into the Olympics

24.00 - The USA Triathlon system for upcoming athletes - not enough racing in the USA compared to Europe - "I wish I raced more" - Ryan shares regrets for not racing enough

33.00 - Ryan's career was patchy - qualifying for the Olympics - Ryan shares stories of following the World Cup series - but still dabbling with non-drafting races in the US - looking back at the Olympics in 2000

40.20 - Ryan considering running as an Olympic athlete

42.25 - Sharing stories of being big compared to east African runners - Ryan loved the strategy of Triathlon compared to running

45.40 - Post Olympics - choosing Ironman over Olympics and World Cups

50.30 - Physiology - What training do you want you to do? A great litmus test

53.00 - Changing from athlete to coach - Ryan needed intellectual stimulus - He left his coach Joel Friol - Then Joel helped him become a coach with him - Transitioning from the sport is not easy for professional athletes - Serving and helping others

58.40 - Ben Hoffman as an athlete - he asked Ryan "What do you want out of this?" - Ben Hoffman's episode

1.02.00 - Coach/ Athlete relationship - At the top of the spectrum is wisdom at the bottom is the data - Getting an athlete to take control - Coaching is an art - voicing data to individuals

1.07.00 - Coaching East Africans - how that got started - changing the East African mindset to race less and focus on the big races - Caroline Rotich winning Boston marathon 2015 - Ryan shares the Boston finish story - Then Ryan was on to what's next?

1.17.50 - How much is Ryan in demand? - Ryan has to decide what a relationship would look like "It's a risk assessment" - It's an intense relationship working with a professional - I feel the lows and highs

1.22.00 - Periodizing a year for each athlete - Macro and Micro periodization - Strength and Endurance - "The feedback I get from athletes is the training is hard" - Everyone is an individual and we work on many different things - Approaching different athletes and Covid

1.31.30 - Involvement with an athletes racing plan - Developing a weapon - Arthur Lydiard

1.37.30 - Conclusion - Ryan and Siri Lindley comparison


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