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Terenzo Bozzone - Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Ironman Champion

Terenzo Bozzone - Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Ironman Champion

Episode 47: Terenzo Bozzone - Ironman 70.3 World Champion, Ironman Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg Bennett has a wonderful conversation with Terenzo Bozzone. Terenzo is one of the world’s greatest endurance athletes… with over 47 wins including 33 Ironman 70.3 and numerous ironman victories. He has 5 World Championship titles in Triathlon, duathlon, and his 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Title.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, he’s had enormous setbacks with Achilles injuries and eventually surgeries and a frightening accident in 2018 when he was taken out by a truck on his bike. But he continues to rebound and rebuild and come back stronger and better.

Never a smile off his face, you’d be hard-pressed to meet a better man. We’ve been mates for almost 20 years and raced each other for over a decade.

In this episode, Terenzo describes the difficult mental, physical, and emotional journey back from an almost career and life-ending accident. He struggled with Concussion symptoms for months after the accident... headaches that would last a week at a time. He won Ironman Western Australia 5 months after the accident using the desire to show his kids the importance of never giving up even when the chips are down to empower him to victory.

He discusses his hopes of going to the Olympics but missing out due to politics in sport. He regrouped and went on to win the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championships the same year as the Games.

We discuss sleep and recovery, mountain biking, supplements, and mental strategies and so much more.

Incredible insights and remarkable stories. See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.45 - Sponsors

5.15 - Start to show – Introduction

6.05 - General chit-chat - Kareoke Japan 2003

7.50 - Confidence verse arrogance - Humbling going from junior to senior

11.00 - 2016-2017, 2018 seasons - the physical, emotional, and mental anguish after being hit by a truck after such a successful few years - for 4-5 months Terenzo suffered concussion syndrome - "I really felt like 2018 was my year to step up in Kona, but it was taken away from me"

18.00 - The physical damage from the accident - "The concussion was the biggest issue" - "If I went too hard I'd have a headache for a week" - Creatine is great for pre or post-concussion

22.15 - Emotional recovery - Terenzo thought about retirement but decided quickly not to - He got focussed and in the zone and trying to get back to quick - Terenzo withdrew from Kona - WA Ironman "Can Wurf was 10mins up the road and I thought oh well, I'll just pull the pin, and then I thought no, I've worked freakin hard for this and I want to show my kids that it's not over" -l "the thought of being a role model for my kids was the driving force I needed to push through"

27.50 - PTO Daytona Challenge - Terenzo won't be able to make it

29.10 - Mountain Biking - The Rotorua 100km race - Coach Dan Plews encouraged Terenzo to race - 200km of trails in Rotorua

39.30 - Winding the clock back - Born in Sth Africa - Karate was the focus and swimming breaststroke - Moved to NZ at 11 - He popped his eardrum when he was 13 and had a 7-hour operation - Had 4-5 operations and had to stay out of the water and started Duathlons (run, bike, run) - made world champs - and then started triathlon - schoolboy running Terenzo was getting some getting pats on the back when he was 15-16 - At 16 Terenzo won the World Duathlons in Rimini -

47.00 - Olympics - "The Olympics did interest me" - "2008 was my focus" - "I don't need to put up with the politics so I focussed on the longer stuff and won the Ironman 70.3 World Championships" - "After Island House, I did think about the Olympics, but I'll focus on winning Kona Ironman"

54.45 - "I do believe I can win Kona if things line up" - "If the stars align I could win it" - Terenzo explains how he would win it

57.10 - Team and Relationships - Coach Dan Plews (endureIQ) since 2017/2018 - "I was working with Dan Ackland for many years" - All my Sponsors and the special team at Bahrain 13 ("it's a fun team to be a part of") - Family (parents and wife Kelly)

1.03.00 - Mental preparedness - "Meditation is a huge one" - "it helps calm the mind" - "I always write a race plan out" - Mental ques and affirmation in the race - "In the race, I try and find the zone" - "In an Ironman you're bound to have periods you're going to feel bad" - Reduce the negativity - reduce the noise - practicing gratefulness and thankfulness

1.08.30 - Nutrition and hydration - Managing sweat - "I simplified it a lot, I dropped sodium" - "10 cliff shots and cliff blocks through the ride - I reduced the sodium" - "You have a problem if you finish heavier than what you started" - Terenzo worked with Ph.D. students to monitor his core temperature - experimenting with Ketones - "I managed to lower the carbs" - No carbs the night before and then no breakfast before long aerobic days - "I was extreme with the low carb high-fat diet in 2019"

1.14.40 - Sleep and recovery - 8hrs of sleep a night and then a 40min nap in the day in the Normatec boots - turning off wifi throughout the house - earthing sheet (grounding)

1.20.00 - Supplements - Terenzo takes Tru-Niagen, and doses on adrenal fatigue formulas, Vitamine C, Dr. Wilson's adrenal quartet

1.25.45 - Conclusion - Where should people train and race - Girona in Spain - Los Angeles - Wildflower Triathlon is Terenzo's favorite - and the Ironmans in Germany Frankfurt and Roth - Racing Ironman 70.3, and Ironman NZ


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