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Tim Crowley - Triathlon & Strength Coach

Tim Crowley - High Performance Coach

Episode 135: Tim Crowley

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

Tim Crowley has been coaching triathletes since 1993 and he has been a pro and elite age grouper for over 30 years. Tim is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Montverde Academy in Central Florida and is the Owner of TC2 Coaching. Tim was a 2008 team USA Olympic Triathlon coach, and he has coached athletes to World Championships, Ironman Championships, ITU Worlds Triathlon Series gold, Duathlon World Champions numerous National Championships at the Elite level.

Tim was the 2009 USA Triathlon Elite Coach of the Year, and 2007 USA Triathlon Development Coach of the Year. He’s worked with the very best in the business and helped each of them find more out of themselves.

Tim's answers on the AnyQuestion platform have been outstanding, and his depth of knowledge is truly remarkable.


1:50 - Interview starts

I don't really worry if people know who I am ... but it's super important to me that people recognize and know the athletes I work for.

4:51 - Why do athletes and coaches base themselves in Clermont Florida?

8:23 - Tim is in the process of writing a book around High-Performance aging … a topic that many listeners are keen to lean into. How do we optimize our lives?

13:02 - Tim explains some of the different ways we can work through training plateaus or situations where we stop progressing.

20:31 - At what point in your early career did you acknowledge to yourself that you had some talent in the coaching of elite athletes?

22:54 - What are some of Tim Crowley's career highlights?

29:41 - What are some of the bigger 'lows' in your coaching career, and what have you learnt from them?

It's not about being the best, it's about the best at being better ...

33:34 - What has most influenced or developed your coaching philosophy?

36:26 - Tim's belief and view on why is strength training important for endurance athletes? Is it all about injury reduction, or performance?

41:51 - Tim's favourite training workouts for triathletes. Get your pen and paper out, you're gonna want to record his answer!

44:45 - Some of Tim's favourite exercises for swimmers.

Athletes don't have an 'un-do' key. You can't mess it up and hit the key and go back.

1:02:09 - Understanding an athletes flexibility and knowing what is best for them for their particular sport is crucially important. Mobility and stability are two opposing forces. You only need to be as flexible as you need.

1:02:59 - Greg and Tim share their opinions and thoughts around some really interesting topics and people.

  • Top 3 endurance sport coaches of all time.

  • The greatest of all time male and female triathletes.

  • What are Tim's thoughts on the modern day 'super-show'?

  • Who is gonna win Ironman?

1:10:33 - Tim and Greg go at it with some Rapid fire questions and answers.

  1. One book you would recommend? Upstream by Dan Heath

  2. Two most-used apps on your phone?

  3. What time of day are you most productive?

  4. First job?

  5. Which decade of music is the best?

  6. Greatest movie of all time?

1:17:08 - Interview concludes.


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Article: The Powerful Triathlete ... by Tim Crowley

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