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Vicky Holland - Triathlon Olympic medalist, World Champion

Vicky Holland - Triathlon Olympic medalist, World Champion

Episode 73 - Vicky Holland - Triathlon Olympic medalist, World Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg and cohost Laura have a delightful conversation with Vicky Holland.

Vicky Holland is one of the greatest Triathletes of this past decade. Highlight's being a three-time British Olympian, which includes being a member of the team for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. A bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and her incredible World title in 2018. Add to that her Commonwealth Games medals in 2014 and 2018 and her mixed relay World titles in 2012 & 2014. Her resume over the past ten years, plus medaling in at the last Olympics and her 3rd place at the Tokyo Test event in 2019, with the fastest run performance of the day has her going into These Olympics as a strong medal favorite.

In this episode, Vicky entertains with some of the greatest moments in her career... how she felt in Rio the morning of the race and what was going through her head during the race... and what was on the line in 2018 when she won the World Title and how she managed herself during the Grand Final.

She’s one of the great personalities of Triathlon and it’s an enormous privilege for us to have her on the show. This is simply a fun, entertaining, and inspiring episode.

See the timestamps below for more detail.


0.0 - Introduction to show and advertising

4.10 - Introduction to Vicky

5.00 - General chit-chat - Getting the news for being pre-selected for the British Olympic Team for Tokyo - Racing in the mid-30s - The British Olympic team strength - Tough calls Jodie Stimpson, Beth Potter, Non-Stanford, Sophie Caldwell - Fighting to make your team makes you better in the world - One British medal for the British Olympic - Qualifying for Rio - Pre-selection policies

18.00 - "this 3rd Olympics is a free hit"

19.20 - Got married in Oct 2020 and had a Covid wedding - Planning a party later in 2021 - The restraints

24.30 - Balancing married life and coaching balance with husband/ coach, Ryhs - Moved from Leeds to Bath in England - Ryhs is the head coach at the center in Bath - "There's no one who cares as much about me"

30.00 - Midroll

30.45 - Managing coach and marriage - "Ryhs has the belief and the data in me"

35.30 - Love of running and the track

36.30 - Rewind the clock - Vicky is the youngest in her family - Vicky shares her competitive spirit - Swimming and Running - 11-year-old running story - At University was in both the swim and run clubs - After a few months the coach Dan at Loughborough University reached out to Vicky to encourage her to do Triathlon... within 6 months Vicky was into Triathlon - Vicky studied Psychology - University was the best and west part of Vicky's athletic career -

49.00 - University wasn't a great part of Vicky's career - after Uni Vicky committed to a year - 8 months in Vicky was not going great - Vicky almost left the sport to get a job - She received a call from Darren Smith who was recommended from Chris Jones - Her life changed immediately - Vicky came 4th U23 at World Champs - Paula Findley came 3rd, Jodie Stimpson

56.30 - Qualifying for first Olympics in London - Helen Jenkins was the number 1 girl - Became the best swim biker she could be to considered a domestic for Helen - She was chosen as a discretionary spot for home games in London - Helen Jenkins fight in London

1.02.30 - Rio Olympic - "You go for one Olympics for the experience you go one for hardware" - The Rio experience - Was excited for every aspect of the race only to get a stomach virus the day before - Between 4 am and the race start at 11 am Vicky managed the rollercoaster morning - She had dry toast and flat coke all morning - She had to take one phase at a time - Vicky couldn't digest any food and had to pace the race managing her stomach - It became a sprint between her and Non for the final medal - Hit the blue carpet and went - Vicky was incredibly present and focussed - First words she said were "sorry" to Non - Vicky felt guilt - Non even though younger felt like a big sister

1.20.00 - 2018 World Championship - The world title came down to the Grand Final, the one day on the Gold Coast - Running with Katie Zafares and Ashley Gentle - Finding rhythm in the run - Coming back into the race after falling back at the start of the run - I wanted to win the Grand Final - "I'm the world champion, I'm the world champion" "I made the mistake to not stay focussed on the win of the Grand Final"

1.28.00 - Seeking perfection -

1.29.30 - What's happening next? Little travel. Will race Tokyo Olympics with a lead-up race in Portugal and do an Altitude camp in St. Moritz (if allowed) - Post Olympics is after the Games and will focus on that after the Games - Long Course racing is not on the radar at the moment

1.35.00 - One to for optimizing life - "What is your passion and prioritize it! Use it as your guiding light"

1.36.00 Conclude


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