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Vincent Luis - 2019 Triathlon World Champion

Vincent Luis - 2019 Triathlon World Champion

Episode Name: Vincent Luis - 2019 Triathlon World Champion


In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett interviews Vincent Luis. Vincent is the Triathlon World Champion of 2019. He won the senior world title eleven years after his Junior world title in 2008.

Together Greg and Vincent discuss how Vincent became involved in the world of Triathlon and Endurance sports. Vincent describes how his back was up against the wall and he could only go forward. If he wasn't successful he had nothing to fall back on. If he failed he would be working at his local bike shop building kids bikes or working at the factory where his Dad had worked for 40 years. His pursuit of excellence is relentless and passionate. He has surrounded himself with the best team and describes how important is to reinvest in himself to optimize his performances. He knows who he is and he knows what he wants, and he is in control of his own life. In this episode, Vincent tells-all and describes how he got to this point and he would change a thing... all the highs and lows throughout his journey.


(0:00) Introductions

(2:54) Being a World Champion and the legends of the past

(6:40) 2018 – Making changes – Joining Mario Mola and Joel Filliol

(12:25) The Joel Filliol Training environment

(20:30) Lausanne World Championships Grand Final – What was at stake

(26:30) Post World Championship title – media

(29:00) the stories behind 2017 & 2018 Grand Final wins

(34:00) thoughts on the Olympic relay

(37:40) Vincent takes us through his history getting into the sport – Back up against the wall.

(45:24) Where the belief came from – Dad was an inspiration

(49:40) Relationships and experts – Taylor Spivey (Girl Friend), Joel Filliol (Coach), Drew Box (assistant coach), Jose - Pepe (Physiotherapist), Julien (agent), Jan lemur (Sports scientist) @ylmsportsscience

(56:25) – Emotions - Going into 2016 Olympics – Loss of Laurent Vidal in 2015 - Relationship with and break up Pauline Ferrand Pervot – learned in media she was in a new relationship 2 days after they broke – Stress fractures in both ankles/ hiding from everyone – the negative effects of emotions – the skill of being grateful

(1:07:30) Going into the Olympics with injuries – we grow with these experiences

(1:11:10) Sleep and recovery – Cool, dark and quiet – turn off blue light glasses

(1:13:00) General Health and blood work – check every 2 months - Supplements

(1:14:00) Swimmers that come into the sport can struggle with bone issues

(1:14:45) Nutrition – eat everything – Having a home cook and grocery shopping

(1:17:20) Physical training and staying injury-free – Consistent – Honest – Joel is amazing at reading people and paying attention to people

(1:21:10) Managing personal relationship with Taylor – You win, you lose but always learn

(1:24:50) Mental Strategies for key events – Rio Olympics

(1:31:00) Understanding the competition – “I’m a Triathlon nerd

(1:32:15) Gear recommendations and Sponsors – “All the sponsors I have now are what I always wanted” – Oakley story (Greg Welch) – “Invest in yourself and work with the best”

(1:37:00) Know who you are, know what you want and take action to make it happen – Reinvestment

(1:40:00) What is it going to take to win the Tokyo Olympics? Be healthy, quieten the mind and be calm, train hard and consistent, play the tactical game – “you don’t have thousands of matches”.

(1:42:20) Wrap Up!

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