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Vincent Luis returns to the be with Champions podcast as a Two-Time Triathlon World Champion

Vincent Luis returns as a Two-Time Triathlon World Champion

Episode 37: Vincent Luis returns as a Two-Time Triathlon World Champion

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Show notes (please see Timestamps below for more detail)

In this episode of BE with Champions, Greg Bennett chats with, return guest Vincent Luis. Vincent defended his World Championship title, in Hamburg Germany.

Vincent shares his mindset and what was fueling him going into the race and during the race. He describes the race in detail and his past few months of training during these uncertain times.

Vincent tells us why he didn't race the mixed relay world championships that the French team ended up winning and defending their title. He also shares why Jacob Birtwhilstle from Australia could have likely beaten him in this race, had Jacob been allowed to leave Australia to race.

Vincent discusses his preparation for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.


0.0 - Introduction to show

1.50 - Sponsors

4.20 - Start to show – Introduction

4.55 - General chit-chat – 10 months since Vincent last race and the body is a bit sore –

6.30 – Where did the motivation come from these past months? “I do like training, I enjoy it… it’s never forced” “Our coach Joel made really good decisions for us, we just focused on aerobic training”, “I did 30hrs a week of easy training during the Covid-19 lockdown”. Vincent knew Hamburg was going to happen so that was his plan. And then they made it a World Championships.

9.30 – Vincent Luis won the World Series last year to win the World Championships and this year was a one-day world championship.

11.10 – The World Championship race – Vincent describes how hungry and determined he was to win - they increased the field to 56 from 55 “It was in my favor; I knew I was a machine in the pool”. “I was going into this race just saying… they can do whatever they want, they can change the order, do whatever they want, it is what it is, I’m ready, I’m strong Swim, Bike, Run and I’m going to did it, no matter what, the weather, the race, hilly, flat”. “They decided it was world Champs and you had to deal with the fact that on Saturday there will be a new world champ or I would defend”

13.10 – Adaptability and confidence – Confidence comes from weeks of consistent training, don’t skip sessions, and do everything I can to prepare. “You don’t show up to the start line with any stress when you turn up with the mindset of knowing you’ve done everything you could to prepare”.

15.30 – Studying race it looked like a basic course, but then the competitors make the race special “We all need a world champion for 2020 and if it’s not me, it’s someone else”

16.40 – “Races are… you win or you lose, there is no second” “Winning is making the others lose”

18.00 – How was the race feel – “I didn’t miss not doing the race briefing”, “After the race, I had to put my medal on and no one singing the anthem and no clapping”,

19.55 – “I think if Jacob Birtwistle was there, he would have had a good chance to beat me”, “The circumstances prioritized me” – Where do you think Jacob would have possibly got you? “When I went with 800m the others dropped, Jacob would have gone with me”

23.20 – Thoughts on the 5km times from competitors – “I’m using social media less than 45 mins a day”, “the only thing I trust is the track”

25.00 – Altitude 50m pool long course – 40x50 on 45 holding sub-30s –

26.30 – Pontoon position – Vincent chose the far-right #1 position, he knew Mario Mola and Alarza would choose next to him and knew they were slower swimmers to give him more room – he also chose far right so he could have the inside line at the turning buoys.

28.30 – The swim portion of the race – “I planned to push the pace”, Typical Alistair went for it “I didn’t want to get on Alistair’s hip because it slows us both down”

30.40 – The first part of the bike – Alistair was pushing incredibly hard – “the first two laps were really hard, and we dropped a few guys” – 325 watts average (for 68kg athlete) – “we got 20 seconds by the end of the race”

33.50 – The run – The first kilometer was slightly downhill – “When it settles at 1 to 1.5km then put the hammer down and push the pace”, at 1km I could push the pace on the slightly uphill

36.30 – At what point could you focus on the race to the finish? “Around 3km I knew I still had some gears and the chasers weren’t closing too quickly” – “I slowed down before the final U-turn with 1km to go to see what Valaca and Bergere had left and realized they were tired, so at after the U-turn I just went!”

38.00 – Why not race for the sprint? “I was feeling really good and didn’t want to risk it” – “I was confident at 1km and I felt strong enough”, “When you’re racing all your sensors are fully on, you hear them breathing a bit more, you feel a bit more confident and the wind on your face and you just know!”

40.30 – Being present in the moment - Mark Allen - being quiet in the mind, that allows your instinct

41.50 – The moment of crossing the line – “Woah it’s done, it’s finished now”, “These kid of 45 min races when you’re fighting for your career, you’re kind of angry, it’s like these guys want to beat me” “we use the word beat, so it’s a fight”, “if I was to use one word it was relief”

44.00 – Vincent describes the tragedy of his good friend, 27-year-old, friend Arthur who died from a heart attack outrunning the Friday the week before the race. It put the race in perspective – Vincent plans to auction his suit to raise money for his family – “I kept this inside me and used it as anger for the race”

48.30 – The mixed relay – The French team told the athlete’s three weeks before the race not to race – The team said, that the French athletes would have to pay their way – Vincent booked his flights home on the day of the relay after being told the French would likely not have a team

51.30 – The next phase of racing until the Tokyo Olympics – “I’ll race anything I can, I’m keen to race” – I’ll race in spring and then do my final prep in Font Romeu”

53.20 – Heat acclimatization

55.00 – Post-race interview with a mask on – “I have to keep it on? You’re 2m away… during the race I had 5 or 6 guys spitting on me the entire way!”

56.30 – Vincent partner Taylor Spivey finished 4th in the woman’s race – The USA federation told the USA athletes a few days before the race that they’ll use the race as a discretionary spot for the Olympics – The USA Olympics

59.20 – The Pho3nix Foundation (see link below) – Focusing on kids getting outside and moving

1.01.30 – Gratitude for coming on the show – “I’ve had good fun listening to your podcast”


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