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Yuriy Timen - Ex-Growth @ Grammarly | Advisor @ Airtable, Canva, Oyster, Whimsical

Yuriy Timen - Ex-Growth @ Grammarly | Advisor @ Airtable, Canva, Oyster, Whimsical, Flo & others | Investor | Non-Profit Founder

Episode 164: Yuriy Timen & Ed Baker on igniting business growth

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"The Greg Bennett Show"

The Greg Bennett Show has always focussed on high-performance individuals, and these two are two of the best in the world at what they do. In this episode of The Greg Bennett Show, Greg is joined by Yuriy Timen & Ed Baker. Both of them are world-leading growth experts. They ignite business growth through deep understanding and expertise in key areas such as product development, strategy, market research, organizational development, and so much more.

Ed Baker is a Harvard grad with a Stanford MBA, led International growth at Facebook until they reached 1 billion Monthly Active Users and went public, and then led the growth and product teams at Uber. Ed is now the founder and CEO of AnyQuestion. You can find his previous episodes in episodes 95 and 138.

Yuriy Timen is a seasoned growth expert with experience in building successful growth engines for organizations. Yuriy has a proven track record of success, having led growth at Grammarly for 8 and 1/2 years and contributing to the growth of companies such as Canva, Airtable,, and others. He now advisors some of the world's greatest tech companies. This man knows how to build subscription businesses.


3:29 - Interview with Yuriy & Ed begins.

6:33 - Some back ground on Yuriy and how he found his place in product growth of Facebook.

I didn't want to wear a suit to work

17:28 - Yuriy explains some of the lessons he learned at Grammerley, and how he only understood them in hindsight.

23:34 - What are the first steps you do when you advise or strategise growth in a company, and how do you know that the growth startegy is working?

For any growth strategy for it to be successful, you have to have an appropriate growth culture

34:21 - Is paid marketing a good way for gowth?

40:03 - For a non profitable early stage company wanting growth, is SEO a good growth strategy in the current environment?

43:44 - What companies should be considering when it comes to fremium v. premium offerings and what is working, and what doesn't work.

There's gotta be someway to try the product for free

50:05 - How does A.I affect growth strategies and how can companies embrace it?

54:27 - What parallels do you derive from your 'outside work' life, to your dealing with business and product growth?

1:00:16 - Interview concludes.


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